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Corneal Foreign Body


What is a corneal foreign body?

The cornea is a transparent layer covering the front part of the eye. If any foreign

object stucks on the cornea either superficially or deep, it is called as corneal foreign

body. Common foreign bodies include dust, sand, metal fragments, or other small

debris. Symptoms may include eye pain, redness, tearing, and the sensation of

something being in the eye. Prompt removal of the foreign body is essential to

prevent corneal abrasions or infections.

What are the symptoms of corneal foreign body?

  • Intense pain.
  • Redness.
  • Excessive watering.
  • Vision Impairment.
  • Sensation of a foreign object in the eye.
  • Light sensitivity.

What are the causes of Corneal foreign body?

  • Driving without protective glasses or a helmet.
  • Occupational injuries – Most commonly seen during wielding works, carpenter works.
  • Farmers – vigorous eye rubbing is the main cause of corneal foreign body or infection post-plant-based injuries.
  • People working in dusty environments in construction fields. 

What are the Immediate measures of a corneal foreign body?

  • Immediate ophthalmologist consult is required rather than using over-the-counter medications as there is a high chance of corneal infection along with foreign body which is difficult to treat later.
  • Intense eye wash with mineral water sometimes may dislodge the foreign body.

Management of corneal foreign body-

  • A consulted doctor will remove the corneal foreign body under topical anesthesia.
  • Antibiotics with anti-inflammatory agents are prescribed.
  • Regular follow-up is mandatory until the cornea heals.