Best Vision Eye Hospital

Hands On Training

Introduction :

Best Vision Eye Hospital is a tertiary ophthalmic center with an excellent track record of excellent eye care under one roof. Under the leadership of our top consultants, we are engaged in training, research, and outreach program. We have the longest-running and most reputed Cataract surgical training program that includes SICS and Phaco. Over the years hundreds of them from different parts of India and Europe have benefited from this training.
What is special about our training?

We have personalized one to one training given by our top consultants.

We offer a complete training that includes theory lectures on Phaco dynamics and newer IOLs in addition to practical hands on training, thereby preparing you as a trained Phaco or SICS surgeon.

Course Objective
Our main aim is to teach Phaco and SICS to the candidates with latest technique and instruments. Candidates are exposed to different phaco machines along with a chance to interact with our consultants on advanced techniques and future of cataract.
Highlights of the course
  1. Duration of the training ranges from 2 to 6 weeks depending upon the need and desire of the candidate.
  2. One candidates each for SICS and Phaco is accommodated at a time
  3. For a 3 weeks duration 20 SICS or 15 phacos will be monitored / taught during the course. Any additional cases can be arranged as desired by the candidate at an extra fees to the trust.
  4. For a  4 weeks training, 18 cases and for 6 weeks 25 cases will be arranged. Any additional cases can be arranged as and when desired. 
  5. Wet lab facility is available freely whenever required.
  6. Surgeries will be performed in “state of the art”  operation theatre with a high end Phaco machine.
  7. A cataract surgery Trainee Kit of  SICS or Phaco will be handed over at the start of the course.
  8. A time table will be provided to the trainee about his schedule. Phaco trainees will be spending their morning time in OT with Dr. Sahithya and Dr Divya Reddy, observing his cases.
  9. A video CD showing steps of SICS and Phaco surgeries will be given to each candidate.
  10. Training will be imparted by our expert senior consultant on one to one basis.
  11. Phaco machine maintenance will be demonstrated/taught by one of our senior OT staff member during the course.
  12. Various video assisted lectures including Phaco Dynamics, Phaco Techniques and  Newer Phaco Technologies, Phaco in challenging Cases, Newer IOLs etc. can be witnessed on request.
  13. A ID card (identity card) will be provided to each trainee for easy access to hospital premises and library.
  14. Trainees are requested to bring along their aprons.
  15. A Log book will be provided for maintenance of own case details for future personal use.
  16. A Certificate will be given  at the end of the Course.
Course Schedule ( For National Candidates)
  1. 1st week: hands on basic steps/Observation in OT/Hands on cases/Lecture. 
  2. 2nd week:Full fleged Cataract Surgery(Phaco or SICS) step by step teaching under expert guidance.
  3. 3rd week: Independent Phaco/SICS under supervision.
  4. Library and video bank is freely accessible.
For International Candidates: 4-6 weeks Course.
  1. 1st week: hands on basic steps/Observation in OT/Hands on cases/Lecture. 
  2. 2nd week:Full fleged Cataract Surgery(Phaco or SICS) step by step teaching under expert guidance.
  3. 3rd to 6th  week: Independent Phaco/SICS under supervision.
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Any Ophthalmologist, novice or practioner with  MS/DNB/DOMS degree or equivalent is eligible for the course, whether Indian or a Foreign National.
  2. SICS opting candidate will be learning solely SICS and not Phaco.
  3. Phaco candidate must have the knowledge of SICS or ECCE surgery before performing Phaco. A knowledge of Rhexis(continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis) is a mandatory to start with Phaco training directly.