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Eye Trauma


What is an eye injury?

An eye injury includes –

a) Soft tissue injury which comprises of injury to muscles tendons or nerves.

b) An eyeball injury which can be a blunt injury, abrasions, superficial cuts, or 

     full-thickness cut of the eyeball.

c) An injury to the bony part of the eye that is the orbital bones.

What are the causes of eye injuries?

1)    Accidents.

2) Exposure to chemical agents.

3) Sports injuries.

4) Workplace hazards.


What are the symptoms of eye injuries?

1) Redness.

2) Pain and swelling.

3) Watering.

4) Discharge.

5) Decreased vision.

6) Blood clot in the eye.

7) Double vision.

8) Problems with the movement of the eyes.

First aid after an eye injury -

1) Small abrasion or scratch in eyes :

– If you have scratched the white part of your eyes then there might be redness in that area for which you don’t have to worry and it will slowly 

        resolve on its own. 

– If you have scratched the clear anterior part called the cornea of the eye then there might be severe pain due to erosion in the superficial layers of the


– Do not rub it and show it to the nearest eye doctor as soon as possible.

2) Fall of small particles or sand in eyes : 

– Do not panic.

– Do not rub your eyes as that may worsen the condition.

– Wash eyes with saline water or clean water.

– Review with the nearest eye doctor to get the foreign body removed.

3) Eye injury from impact :

        Blunt injury can range from a small bruise to a major injury in the eyes. For the bruise, you can do cold compression but if there is any visual 

        complaint or redness it is advised to show an eye care professional and get properly evaluated. Blunt injury can also cause fractures of the bones 

        around the eyes which also has to be evaluated and if any bone injury is suspected then a brain scan might be advised to rule out the same.

4) Eye laceration or puncture: 

        In case of any eye laceration or puncture always wear protective glasses and review to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

5) Chemical exposure to the eye: 

        A thorough wash is a must in chemical injury. Wash your eyes with clean water until the chemical is out of the eye. After that review to your eye care 

        specialist for starting medications

Treatment -

1) For minor scratches the eye doctor will start topical medications.

2) If the foreign body is present in superficial layers it will be removed under a slit lamp machine or else the patient might have to be taken to an 

        operation theater for the safe removal of the foreign body.

3) Since the range of damage due to blunt injury is vast the management depends on the type of injury which can start from eye drops to major 


4) Any punctures or lacerations need repair in the main operation theater. 

5) If there is any exposure to chemicals, proper eye wash is required along with starting medications and close follow-up.