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Meet Our Top-Rated Lasik(లసిక్) Eye Surgeons in Hyderabad

Meet Our Top-Rated Lasik(లసిక్) Eye Surgeons in Hyderabad

Attain Freedom From Spectacles – Get Glass Removal Surgery

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Success Stories

Mohammed Khaja Imran
Mohammed Khaja Imran
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Good Excellent I suggest who are looking for prk or Lasik Best vision is Best option for my opinion very good response
Sai Bharadvaj Reddy Chittaluru
Sai Bharadvaj Reddy Chittaluru@username
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I recently had smile eye surgery with Dr. Sahitya and it was a great experience. They were professional, knowledgeable, and caring throughout the entire process. The surgery was quick and painless, and my vision has improved significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Sahitya for anyone in need of ophthalmological procedures.
Bhargavi Reddy
Bhargavi Reddy@username
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I usual don't write any review but seriously this experience made me to write a review. I highly recommend this Hospital. Recently I have done my Eye Surgery which is PRK, really it is amazing experience, Dr.Sahitya and Dr.Divya Reddy is really very friendly and they both have high level of patience.
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I recently had eye PRK surgery, and it was an amazing experience. The procedure was quick and painless, and the results were immediate. I was able to see clearly the day after the surgery and my vision has been perfect ever since. Dr.Sahitya and Dr.Divya were friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone looking to improve their vision.
Sravya Voonna
Sravya Voonna@username
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I have got done my surgery PRK for my both eyes in best vision. Dr. Sahithya mam and the staff are very friendly and cooperative.

Know More About LASIK(లసిక్)

What is a LASIK(లసిక్) Surgery ?

LASIK is a common method to fix vision problems caused by refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. It means laser eye surgery. With LASIK, you can say goodbye to glasses and contacts.

Affordable LASIK(లసిక్) in Hyderabad

Looking for Glass Removal Procedures?

  • SMILE®
  • ICL
  • PRK

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

It’s typically recommended for adults over 18 years old whose vision prescription has stabilized for at least one year. Additionally, candidates should have healthy corneas and no existing eye diseases or conditions. Consulting with an experienced LASIK surgeon can help determine the best timing for your surgery based on your specific need.

The surgery itself typically lasts less than 15 minutes. However, when considering the entire process including preparation, surgery, and post-operative rest, patients can expect a total duration of 1hour.

To select the appropriate LASIK procedure, it’s essential to consult with an experienced eye surgeon who can evaluate your specific vision needs and medical history. Factors such as the severity of your refractive error, corneal thickness, and overall eye health will influence the recommendation for either TRANS PRK, LASIK or advanced techniques like BLADELESS FEMTO LASIK or SMILE or ICL. Your surgeon will discuss these options with you in detail, ensuring you make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances.

Absolutely. Our doctors at Best Vision Eye Hospital are highly experienced surgeons trained at LVPEI in treating various eye conditions across all age groups.

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