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Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the Conjunctiva. 


It usually spreads with Conjunctival discharge, and hand contact with the eyes, fomites usage, towels, and bed sheets of infected people. It is usually seen in the rainy season as humid weather will entrap the virus and can spread with contaminated water spillage in the eyes. 

Symptoms:  Include subconjunctival hemorrhage, tearing, and pain.


Conjunctivitis is mostly caused by Adenovirus, Enterovirus, Coxsackie virus & Microsporidia, etc. 

• Adenovirus-related Conjunctivitis will cause redness, irritation, and watering and if delayed in treatment or due to low immune levels may affect the cornea with Punctate Keratitis. 

• Enterovirus or coxsackie-related viruses are aggressive causing lid edema, hemorrhagic type of Conjunctivitis. 

• Treatment for Adenoviral related Conjunctivitis includes-

  • Usage of lubricants (Preservative free) to wash out the virus from the eye.
  • Antibiotics if any concomitant bacterial infection.
  • Low-dose steroids with tapering dosage if corneal involvement is found.
  • Vit-C and Zinc related foods to build immunity.
  • Infected people can wash their eyes with mineral water to reduce viral load. 


Treatment mostly includes low-dose steroids with tapering dosage, lubricants, and frequent follow-up. 

During the time of the Pandemic, precautions to be taken: 

  • Avoid hand-eye contact
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Avoid cold beverages
  • Stay away from affected areas and people.
  • Immune-building foods including Vit-A and Zinc.
  • Hydrate your body well.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid sharing affected Patients’ towels and eye products.
  • Change bedsheets and pillow covers frequently.
Adherence to these precautions and treatment strategies not only aids in managing the current condition but also plays a role in safeguarding overall ocular health. By understanding the various causes, types, and treatment options available for conjunctivitis, individuals can take proactive steps to minimize its impact and maintain clear and comfortable eyesight.